Why immerse

I’ve been thinking a lot about moving with technology from literacy to integration to immersion. After attending IL-TCE and hearing David Warlick, I was impressed with the need to move our faculty past integration. Integration is an add-on in our heads – we see a technology tool and figure out where it can go in the lesson.

Instead, we need to be thinking about creating a technology-rich environment that motivates student engagement. This is something that so many of our students don’t even think about. Just as we don’t think about how to fit a refrigerator or a washer/dryer into our lives. But our grandparents did – because they were new tools, rather than a part of their environment, like they are ours.

The bottom line … we can’t teach the way we were taught. We need to have the courage to teach to promote student learning and we can only do that if we step back and figure out how our students learn best. More on that later.


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