Aiming to connect

I’m really starting to relax with the whole podcast thing … for an oldie moldie who wasn’t raised around cameras the performance idea has always brought out the shy side. Now, by moving past the self-consciousness, I’m beginning to see a connection developing with my distance learning students, simliar in small ways to f2f. It’s fun!

Yippee! Connection!

The biggest help: I was watching Miss Paula on the Food Channel last spring. She was talking to potential Food Channel show hosts when she said something like, “Look into the camera and talk to it like you’re talking to your best friend.” Well, as I sit alone in my office, I talk to the mic like I’m talking to a friend … visualizing my students … trying hard to help them with the content and the process. And, most importantly, giving them something other than a bunch of text to relate to.

For a peek at my work so far, go to my wiki at and You’ll also see a video or two that serve the same purpose. No rocket science, just some regular teacher stuff.


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