I Feel Your Pain

Well, we’re still struggling with our CMS … that is, 4 students and me – all using the same Internet provider.


The decision is a hard one – stay with it until it works right for everyone and have those 4 become outcasts and no longer part of the online community since they can’t upload their work or their discussion posts. Or … put everyone into another CMS 1/2-way through the course. I hear the Jeopardy music … we’re waiting, we’re waiting.

Ok, we’re switching. I will introduce everyone to the new CMS, let this week be the “You can post anywhere” week. Then go full bore in the new platform beginning next week.

It’s important with a change like this to give students a lot of leeway … not everyone can make quick changes and instant adjustments. However, I think most of us are getting used to the here today, gone tomorrow experience with technology, so I predict that only a couple of students will struggle.

Whew! I feel better having made the decision. Now for some triage as we move to the new CMS.


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