Smooth as butter

The “you can post anywhere” week went fairly well. Only a few mix-ups, lots of grace, and still good interaction and learning. Now we’re officially in the new CMS as things are as smooth as butter – or as they say of Barbra Streisand’s voice “butta.”

I don’t think we give students enough credit sometimes – they really do pop back quickly and adjust to change. It helps to allow mistakes … and show them that we instructors are willing to show our imperfections.

One decision I won’t have to make for the next class … we’re starting in the new CMS …

2 thoughts on “Smooth as butter

  1. I was using Blackboard through our lab school. There was a problem with my ISP and the lab school website. It seemed only those of us with Insight Broadband had the problem.

    I’m now using Interactive Virtual Courseware, an open source CMS through the Virtual Center for Online Learning Research (VCOLR).

    Thanks for asking. It’s great to know someone out there is reading my ramblings.

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