We’ve arrived

We arrived in Bangkok after over 30 hours of traveling. It was like being in a coma – I’m still a little dazed. But we’re up and running, what a city. I’ll be adding some pics to this post and others.


Our Thai hosts have been wonderful – we are speaking at the premier medical school in the nation to MD’s who are medical educators. No pressure – I will be sharing social networking tools and blended learning approaches. Fun!

Our new friend Dang

Monday we went to Sirijaj Hospital and Medical School to look at the facilities and finalize the details for Tuesday-Thursday. Everything seemed set and we were off to lunch.


My favorite was the rice noodles with the p-nut sauce. So good. Then back to the hotel to work on getting rid of the jet lag. We experienced our first Thai massage – by the time we were done, no more swollen feet, looser muscles, and ready to go to sleep.

window vew

This is the view from our hotel balcony.

long boat

Here’s one of the many boats on the river.

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