Live and Learn

So many things to learn and remember for next week. First, make sure the technology works the way I need it to OR don’t use it. Second, find out more about the audience before you put the presentation together. As you can guess, it didn’t go so well at Sirijaj Medical School. Evaluations varied from 1/5 to 5/5 – I feel sad for the 1’s, I wanted them to get at least something from the “boring” session. The 5’s stopped me yesterday to ask more questions. Like I said, live and learn. While I’ve done many presentations and traveled to Asia, I’ve never put the two together. I need to review Dr. Mayers materials again.

1st room

We started together for a brainstorming activity – list assignments and activities that you use with your students … no technology allowed. Next they were asked to list all the technologies that could be used to complete the assignments and activities. They were ready for the computer lab and some exploring.

lab 1

So, here we are, ready to go through the ETIP website and they can’t log on – only those who teach at Sirijaj have logons. So 1/2 were with me while the others listened and beat their heads against the 17″ monitors.


Once everyone was on, I showed them how to establish their own Bloglines accounts. It went well – they all got on. Then as they started their search for blogs to subscribe to every computer (60 of them) got the Virus Detected page. Is there a doctor in the house – as we all know, viruses must run their course, no medical help is available. I could have used some stomach medication at this point.


I walked them through getting their WordPress account and their Wikispaces account. Those who got over the virus were rolling right along. By then it was time to call it a day.


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