Regrouping and Retreating

Yesterday we slept in a little, went to the tailor for our suit fitting, and then on to Sirijaj. We got in on the last part of the problem-based learning presentation and then it was 3 hours of Thai teaching. The technical and medical terms were in English. 3 medical students talked about their experiences with problem-based learning – they were 3rd year students … can you believe they were 20 years old. Dr’s here are ready to practice when they are 24-25. Their education is paid for by the government, so when they finish they do 3 years of general practice wherever the government sends them. Much emphasis on preventative medicine – especially for alcoholism and STDs. We spoke at length with one of the students – very articluate – very pleasant. The medical schools in Thailand have over 20,000 applicants for less than a 1000 spots. Now that’s competitive.

collab learning

From there we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant – Thai style. Stingray soup, goose feet, fried pig skin, rice, prawns, and more. Of course, Nick tried everything … I was a chicken.

fried pig skin

Fried pig skin

goose feet

Goose feet delicacy

The Dean of the Medical School Faculty came for a few minutes and presented us with a medal with the school insignia on. Very nice.

Medical Faculty Dean

The Dean

my medal

My medal

I awoke this morning with Montezuma’s Revenge … I’m not sure what the Thai equivalent is. What better place to get sick than a medical school. The Dean and Assistant Dean prescribed medication and I’m feeling a little better.

not feeling so well

Not feeling so well

Tomorrow we’re off to the Grand Palace and the Teak Palace. I’ll see how long I last – there are an abundance of taxis and Nick has a map back to the hotel. It will be nice to have some down time. Saturday is shopping day – off to the Weekend Market and IT City to look for a small digital camera of our own. Then Sunday we fly to Khon Kaen.

This really is an adventure …

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