Catching up

Well, after a few days leave, basically leaving everything behind during a stay in the Harvard hospital of the East (Sirijaj), I’m back and ready to share what’s been going on.

After recuperating a little on Thursday, we were off to the Grand Palace on Friday. It was amazing – gold tiles from Italy covered one entire building.

gold building

We went into the King’s courtyard where he entertains dignitaries (there were separate sitting rooms for the men and women).

grand palace

Things started out good, then began going down hill. Unfortunately, we somehow lost the pictures – we were a little preoccupied with other things and didn’t notice. As the temperature went up – I think it hit over 100 – I faded into the sunset, ending up dehydrated and ready for a longer rest.

From the Grand Palace we went straight to the Sirijaj hospital and room 936 building 84. It was amazing to be in a hospital in a different part of the world. They were great – I really got the VIP treatment.

Mrs. Toledo VIP

This is the ticket that accompanied the meals – in red letters you can see VIP. That amazed me. I was just one small person in this 2000-bed hospital. Many of the doctors completed fellowships in the U.S.; several in Illinois.

a little work?

When I felt better, I tried to do a little work. That lasted about 15 minutes, then back I went to watch American Chopper dubbed in Thai. They had Paul, Sr’s voice down pat.

Well, we’re coming back to the States on Thursday – cutting short the trip so I can fully recuperate. It’s been a good trip, the Thai people have the best smiles.


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