Back home and online

Being back has its ups and downs – up because it’s home … all the conveniences and comforts; down because I’ve missed out on the Khon Kaen and Sapporo trips.


I’ve followed up with one of the Sirijaj attendess – sending a site for sharing documents and spreadsheets (Google – used to be Writely) and another site for sharing power point documents (Sideshare). These are great collaborative tools – check them out.

I also can’t say enough about the ease of using Skype. Skype I’m sure other text messaging tools are just as good, I’m just used to it. I like being available to talk with my students. I Skyped one of my students from Bankok one afternoon. She was up and thinking about class at 1:30 am her time – I was bored in the hotel room at 12:30 pm my time. It was fun to connect.

Now back to the online grind 🙂 … the last week for this set of GCU classes … the first week for the new ISU course. Also, getting courses ready for next semester. Off we go …….


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