Getting them ready

I’m working on putting together my Ed Tech doctoral course for the spring semester. I haven’t taught it in 2 years and much of my approach to educational technology has changed in the last 10 months. So the questions arise, “What do I expose these future decision-makers to?” “What do they need to know (or have access to) in order to analyze learning environments and the appropriate application of the new and old technologies to learning?”

The read/write web, although the tools have been around for a few years, has had little impact on the average classroom. We are seeing some great examples of K-12 students using wikis, blogs, and podcasts – the research isn’t following as quickly as the adoption. So, the new question arises, “What do these doctoral students need to know to be able to conduct the research to determine the efficacy of the application of these new tools?”

After I introduce them to the tools, let them play with them for a while, and see some examples, I think I’ll let them decide the answers to these questions – we’ll all work on it together … maybe we’ll use Zoho or a wiki to write about what we decided.


One thought on “Getting them ready

  1. Zoho offers a Wiki too in addition to an online word processor, a spreadsheet app, a presentation tool etc. More at

    Nice seeing that educators like you putting the latest tools to good use. All the best with your new exercise 🙂

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