Ms. Dewey

Will Richardson’s statement, “Google is just too boring” caught my eye, so I followed his link to Ms. Dewey. He’s right, this new search engine experiment from Microsoft will catch the attention of many because of a couple of things: entertainment and a real person seeminly talking to me. Ms. Dewey has several intro scenes, that pull the viewer into the screen because she’s looking right at the camera and making a connection. If you wait too long to type a topic into the text box, she taps on the invisible glass partition in front of her and asks, “Anyone there?” and snipes ” Hello, type something here [pointing to the text box].” This personal touch is definitely a draw.

While some of her lines are quite amusing, I thought she was a little seductive and would not recommend this search engine to some audiences – I would rate it PG-13.

This flash-based search engine itself seems to take quite a bit of memory and crashed my Mozilla browser more than once – probably an indication that I need more memory in my TabletPC. However, some of my dial-up students couldn’t access this site because of the nature of the site.

The findings of the search at first glance seem comparable to Google or other search engines – what I don’t know is the methodology for listing findings … similar to Google or other engines?


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