Happy/sad time

It’s time to wrap up another semester. One of the things I miss about K-12 is that I kept the same students for a year. On the college level, I just get to know and appreciate them and we’re done.

My 401 course, most of the students teachers in the Dunlap district, were great to work with. They were open to everything I shared and directed them to and embraced the Read/Write Web with a furvor. The nice thing is we’re not done. I’ll be facilitating another class with them this summer – put your thinking caps on folks, you’ll have the opportunity to create something great during our time together!

I’m also saying goodbye to two great master’s students – Mei-chu and Gena. Gena is already back in the Phillipines after 18 months here. Mei-chu is going to Purdue in the spring. Congratulations, ladies, you were great to work with and now you’re going on to spread the word!

As my passion for the R/W Web has grown, I’m glad to see that my students are catching the fever too. We’re having some fun!

Speaking of fun … yesterday I was sitting in a meeting of instructors teaching the same course (secondary issues) next semester. The topic came up of collecting best practices and helpful hints for teaching the course. They talked about emailing their input to one another, typing up lists, and possibly putting it on the department website. I’m thinking to myself, “Wiki …. wiki …. wiki …” So I blurted it out. While sitting there I created the wiki and emailed invitations to everyone – they were excited at the prospect, a little aprehensive that it might be too difficulty. What a great way to help them see the benefits of one tool of the R/W Web.

Moral: whenever there’s a sad experience, start looking for the next happy one – they come in pairs. 🙂


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