Setting it all up for Spring

Ok, here we go. My last posting was about then end of a school term … this one is about the beginning of new one. That’s the great thing about teaching, if you’re not satisfied with last semester there’s a new one around the corner. So here are some of the new things I’ll be trying with my students – all with the purpose of getting them more familiar with the R/WW.

Undergrad pre-service teachers and doc students will be searching out blogs to add their comments to – UG’s are looking for what teachers are saying, Grads are focusing on ed tech and new pedagogies. I decided on 21Publish as the portal. Students register themselves – I don’t have to invite or confirm their registration. With over 100 students it’s a nice feature. In 21Publish each student has their own blog – this serves as an organizer and clear way to keep records.

Next we’ll be delving into using wikis. UG’s will be compiling a resource on educational standards and professional websites. Grad students will be using wikis to compile a webliography of websites, blogs, wikis, podcasts, all focused on ed tech. In addition, they’ll be using a wiki to develop and present their 2 collaborative projects. Last they will be collaborating to develop a generic technology plan.

I’m looking forward to finding out how these students are able to use these tools. Mostly, I want to help the UG’s see what teaching is all about by reading what teachers are saying in their blogs. And I want to impact the Grad students with the power of the R/WW tools. My hope is that as a group we can expand on what we find out there in the social network.


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