Learning from my own presentation

Paulette Miller and I just presented at the 7th Annual University-Wide Symposium on Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University. We talked about online tools and activities that build on Chickering’s (et al) 7 Principles of Good Teaching. As we went through each of the principles, we listed all the tools that would facilitate them. We were able to build on the presenters who preceded us and the conversation was rich.

I found as I was talking that I my interest in distance learning is waning a bit – and my resolve to impact educators and bring them into a fuller awareness of the necessity to change the ways we approach education is blossoming.

For the past 5 years I have been looking at different aspects of teaching online; working hard to make my online courses effective; centering my research on computer assisted communication. Now, with my new-found passion for the R/WW tools I find myself gravitating pretty much all of my professional conversations toward wikis, blogs, podcasting, and social networking. It’s so much fun … to work and play with … to see the wheels turning as my colleagues think of ways to apply these new tools and skills to their teaching. Yea! We’re chipping away at the old paradigm.

chip away


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