We made it … all of us … now the hard part

If you had asked me yesterday morning what the hard part would be with my new classes, I would have said “setting the stage for the rest of the semester.” Now that I’m done with that task, the real hard part is starting … helping the students take charge of their own learning and providing the resources they need to be successful in that endeavor.

For some it will be hard – I told them that they were the teachers of the 21st Century, so they will have to unlearn some of their 20th Century schooling … there were a lot of blank faces. Then, as I introduced the blogging and wiki activities, the blank looks turned to wrinkled brows … you know, the “Huh?” look. So tomorrow I’ll spend the 50 minutes going over the syllabus specifics and the technology tools that they will be using.

I’m excited at the outcomes that we’ll all be seeing – and hopeful that we’ll be bulding skills that will brighten up their future teaching.

After teaching online for the past 9 months, it’s good to get back into the f2f classroom. I like seeing the responses (good, blank, and confused) on their faces.


Well … you get the idea.


4 thoughts on “We made it … all of us … now the hard part

  1. Well, I thought I would reply to your blog, even though I am probably one of those “blank” faces you have seen in your classes as you begin the semester. Really, I am replying because I like how your blog is arranged – not rambling, not sending me to article links where I get lost trying to figure out how to comment…
    After reading this post I wonder if you are lonely in your educational endeavor to teach our future teachers how to use all these new technologies in the classroom. Our teacher candidates come to the table with their own ideas of how to teach (the apprenticeship of observation), and they most likely don’t include using technology. But maybe I am wrong. Is there anyone else out there teaching our future teachers how to use all these new technologies in the classroom? If so, are they blogging and how do I find their blogs?

  2. I think my “cycling” is a little slow, but I’m getting the hang of it. That picture of the horror struck old lady is me! Believe it or not, many of my colleagues refer to me as the “techie” in the building. I am usually fairly comfortable around technology, but this class is pushing my out of my comfort zone….WAY out!
    Thanks Dr. T!

  3. Dr T.

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your online version of 401…It really helped me in my first year as an elementary media specialist…Here I am half way through my second year…I love the way you have integrated blogging and wikis into your curriculum…Just another reminder of the need to be constantly open and embracing new applications/technology as a part of professional development.

  4. Hi Matt,

    It’s great to hear from you and I’m glad you found my blog – I’m even more glad that you posted!

    Since you’ve been able to use the 401 stuff, please post some examples of what you’re doing with your students. You can also share some of the new things you’re using. If you’ve got a blog, post the link, too.

    Have a great ed tech time!

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