NASCAR season has started. I’m not sure how many women, much less college professors even know what NASCAR is, much less follows it. Well, even though I’m in the minority, I still watch and still root for Michael Waltrip. Yea, he’s had some problems, but he’s still a great guy and funny!


I started watching when we were still in San Diego, then after moving to the midwest and having less to do outside during the winter and spring I watched more and more – I even know many of the other drivers by number. Now this is exciting for my husband since he’s tagged along with me to women’s college volleyball for the past 6 or 7 years. Now I’m excited to watch the races with him. To the point that it was my idea to go to Florida after NECC and to go to Daytona for the July races. We saw them a couple of years ago, and I must admit there’s nothing like having 43 cars screaming by with their engines doing 9000 rpm’s. It rattles your bones – great sound even with earplugs in.


Not only will we be watching the Cup race, we’ll also see Busch, IROC, and we have pit passes on the Busch race day. I’ll be trying to get Waltrip’s autograph while Nick will be looking for Jimmy Johnson.

Don’t tell Nick … I still like volleyball best! 🙂 Go Bruins!



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