Entry #4 – IL-TCE

What a day!

I thought I would spend most of my time today soaking up all the information at as many sessions as I could go to. But, as I began walking to my 3rd session something inside my head clicked … a thought was about to emerge. I was really impressed after hearing what Illinois educators are doing with technology in their classrooms. The thought continued to bubble. Let’s see … on the one hand we have students immersing themselves daily in all types of personal technologies … on the other hand we have K-12 teachers implementing new technologies with their technology-comfortable students … and on the third hand (yes, an anomaly) we have teacher education faculty staying with their tried and true teaching methods (i.e., content pushing, lecture, paper-based, etc.)

So here’s the plan: interview teachers to find out what they’re doing; interview administrators to find out what they want their new teachers to be able to do with technology. This will be my attempt to provide educators with up to date information from the trenches. So far I have contacts in at least 5 districts – we’ll see how many more I get before the end of the day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Entry #4 – IL-TCE

  1. I would make the question for administrators two-fold. In addition to asking what administrators would like new teachers to be doing with technology, what would they like “old” teachers to be doing with technology (that of course, they already are not). And then the follow-up, what is the district doing to help them? In my past teaching experience, I found that teachers were afforded instruction, but not enough follow-up support either in time or guided practice….and sometimes not given the hardware or software necessary.

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