Entry #5 – IL-TCE

David Pogue

Whew! The more I see and hear these professional speakers, I wonder where they get the energy and all the information. Now the information glut makes sense coming from David Pogue, he’s a newspaper writer. His energy was off the scale for an 8:00 am talk – actually it was a performance. One that concluded with his original songs to some old tunes – Rena asked where she could download them; they were great!

Ok, now on to what he said that impressed me. His theme was the future of technology – where it’s taking us and what it’s going to look like. It seemed like a few things will be fun – bluetoothed devices, wifi everywhere, flash drives that hold everything (make sure to back them up on another flash drive). Realize how the changes and shifts that are occurring with technology result in cultural changes and shifts – we see them every day.

For me the most important points he made were indicators that I’m on the right track:

  • help students become entrepreneurs
  • give them a global voice
  • provide long distance collaboration

I will keep pushing my students to move themselves out of the box they’ve been taught in. Once they break out, they can teach themselves. Then they will thrive.


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