Out and About for the Next Month

Well, the traveling has begun. After 4 days in St. Charles – a great time was had by all – I’m home for a week and then off to Springfield. Carol Owles and I are presenting on web literacy. She will be doing the critical literacy theory part and I will be talking about knowing your way around the Internet.

Then home for a week and off to San Antonio for the SITE conference. I’ll be sharing about how to set up a blogging activity to help students (pre-service and inservice teachers) connect to other educators around the world.

The Saturday before San Antonio Rena and I will be sharing about Internet safety with parents and teachers at the Expanding Your Horizons conference here at ISU.

Another week off after San Antonio and we’ll be presenting at the Conference for Illinois Teachers of English – not sure which area to focus on … we still have to talk it over.

Whew! I’m not even going to put my suitcase away. I’m sure glad I like to travel. But most of all, I feel that what I have to say on these topics can have some positive influences on students and faculty. It’s important to begin to use the social networking online tools and stay safe as we do.


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