Great class!

Congratulations to the students in C&I 579!

They are in the Web 2.0 trenches where I’m dragging them through the mud of blogging, wiki-ing, podcasting, social bookmarking, and more. We’re looking at as many tools as we can and trying to figure out how they fit into educational settings.

mud1998bw2.JPG It’s not a neat, clean process – it’s more akin to chaos theory. In fact, those who are exceptionally bonded to their current methods and pedagogies need to take heed …


If you’re interested in what they’re doing, what questions they’re asking, and what they think of all this, then tune into the Women of Web 2.0 webcast on April 17th – 8pm Central. Go to Ed Tech Talk: sign into the chat room and click on one of the icons for Ed Tech Talk A. This will enable you to be in the chat room with text messaging while listening to the webcast feed.

Women of Web 2.0

Remember, it’s all about getting muddy and working your way through the muck … that’s where you’ll find the hidden jewels.


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