Web Literacy

Carol and I spent 45 minutes talking to a group of teachers at the Illinois Reading Conference today. They were very gracious and seemed to soak up the information. Here is our presentation (I published it to SplashCast): Presentation


Much of what I shared is from Alan November – amazing stuff that is so useful and so powerful. I talked about Google Bombing and gave a couple of examples. First, my former student, Trevor showed his students how it works by having a group website link put on all the pages possible in the school website. Within a day, the site went to the top of Google. The other example happened right here in Cycle Through. I participated with many other ed tech bloggers in redirecting links to the MLK site. Look through the Cycle Through archives for the specifics.

Fun stuff …

One of the tools that I use all the time is the Wayback Machine. Anytime I want access to a site that is no longer available I just put the URL in and tada! It’s great.

Really fun stuff!

Ok, on to Expanding Your Horizons on Saturday – Internet Safety.


6 thoughts on “Web Literacy

  1. Good job, Dr. T. Coming from a LA background, I know how valuable and needed the information you provided will be to the teachers who attended your workshop. The first time I saw the Alan November stuff, I was blown away. I’m sure they were to. Critical literacy is essential and a challenge for our students–needed not just in web literacy, but in content literacty across all domains and throughout all texts, and by that, I mean texts in the broadest sense of the word. Kudos to you.

  2. Thanks Dea. It’s really fun stuff to present. I’d like to film the audience and their facial expressions as I unveil some of the information. Especially the owners of the MLK.org site. Amazing!

  3. Dr T,
    I’m sure my initial expression regarding the MLK site was the same as the audience.

    I learned about truncating the url. This may be good information to share with the class who are close to my level of technology.

    I found it interesting when Carol spoke of way to teach children. I was thinking ways of teaching ME so I could teach others.

    Good job on the presenting and a great turnout just before lunch. I think that speaks for itself. Stimilating topic.

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