Now That Was Fun!


Thanks so much to Cheryl Oakes, Vicki Davis, and Sharon Peters for giving us the opporunity to visit WOW2.0 – a great time was had by all. Here is the link to the audio portion of the webcast and the transcript of the chat. The audio for the podcast of the broadcast is at the bottom of the transcript. It will also be posted on the WOW2.0 site.

Kathy, Karen, Colleen, Julie, and Larry were spectacular. They are first wave adopters who are embracing and enjoying the new web. They, along with everyone else in class, have made this a great semester of learning, teaching, and taking the challenge of the read/write web as far as we can.

One of the questions during the webcast had to do with the future – Are class members going to stay in contact by using the web 2.0 tools? I hope so. It will be so interesting to see what everyone does in the future. By the way, lots of ideas and opportunities for dissertation studies – we’ve made some great contacts, networking via the web is so easy! And soooo fun!

The next class meeting will be a time to debrief the webcast. It will be interesting to hear the responses of those who were in the chat room and listening to the audio stream in comparison to those who were speaking.

Women of Web 2.0 you are doing a great job of fulfilling your mission. Thanks again for including us in the process.


7 thoughts on “Now That Was Fun!

  1. I think that the hour went better than most of us in the class could have ever expected. I was very proud of those who volunteered and feel that they did a great job. I think that everyone was learning from both the content of the discussion and just being involved in the process. There goes Dr. Toledo again, throwing people into experiences and watching them swim. Too bad I am done with the coursework because I hear that you are teaching a few more classes soon.

  2. Rob, you are never done! You can join Women of Web 2.0 any Tuesday and join in the chat. Also, if you hang around and you may just end up webcasting your own show.
    Over and Out!

  3. I think WOW broadcast was awesome. Our peers did an great job as presenters. I was also able to find two contacts that might be interested in collaborating on a technology project with our preschoolers. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate.

  4. Dr. Toledo- what an experience WOW was! Now that I am over the nerves 🙂 I can look back and see that that night was such a unique learning environment. I think it is a great idea for our class to have the opportunity to present and participate in this online group. And this even is giving me inspiration for creating a group similar to this for dietitians. I just got back from a conference for dietetic educators, and I was one of two dietetic instructors that admitted to incorporating new technology into our programs. My hope is to change this number! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Dr. Toledo,

    Yes, WOW 2.0 was fun and exciting!! Reflecting back on the experience, it was a privilege for me to be able to discuss an educational topic with those who are in the know. My involvement with WOW 2.0 was just one more first experience that stretched my thinking.

    On two occasions, our presentation and the week before, I tuned into WOW 2.0. I found the program to be awesome! Once C&I 579 is complete, I’d like to become a regular listener on Tuesday evenings. In this week’s administrative meeting, I will introduce my administrative staff to WOW 2.0 and hopefully my four administrators will be active listeners. As an incentive, I will inform my administrative staff that if they listen each Tuesday and complete a brief write-up on the topic, I will presented them with a certificate toward their professional development hours for State purposes.

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