Online Conference – The Future of Education

Some of you know that my philosophy of teaching is three-pronged: constructivism (Vygotsky), constructionism (Pappert), and connectivism (Siemens). I ran across connectivism last year and said to myself, “He just put into words what I’ve been doing and focusing on.” Well, I got an email from George asking me to participate in the Future of Education online conference.

Oh, my … so many great presenters … I asked myself, “What can a lifetime teacher share?” I say lifetime because I first started teaching when I was 8. I taught my neighbor boys, Kevin and Kelly (then 2 and 3), how to write their names. We used their little blackboard and chalk at their little kids’ table.

So I’ve been mulling for a while and have decided to lead a discussion on the future of teacher preparation. A huge influence on education in the future. I plan on asking lots of questions and getting folks’ input on how to make teacher preparation better.

Come join the fun: Future of Education – click on the 3rd link once you know the time of the session you want to attend. You can also register for the conference (it’s free) and add your location to the attendr site – kinda cool!


2 thoughts on “Online Conference – The Future of Education

  1. Nice job yesterday…I had a hard time getting started, so wasn’t on live with you, but listened later. By the talk in the chat or side-bar, you got some others excited about what is happening at ISU.

    I agree with much of what you said, maybe all, I really appreciated two point: put COE professors/instructors in real classrooms, at least occasionally and approach middle/high school teaching more like elementary. We all need (well, nearly all) to be hands on to do the richest learning…and maybe, just maybe the tough stuff of high school and college isn’t so tough, it just isn’t taught in a way to make it engaging and seemingly easier, like in grade school….it’s all about community.

  2. Thanks Dea,

    You’re right, it is all about community. And that’s the strongest reason to get students learning the value and pedagogy of the web 2.0 tools.


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