WOW 2.0 Tonight – postponed

Although this webcast has been postponed, I’ll keep the post up. Look for this session on a future Tuesday night WOW2.0.

I was just Skyped by Sharon Peters – I will be joining her and Vince Jansen tonight to talk about professional development on Women of Web 2.0 – here’s the URL for the webcast: This is a topic that I’ve given quite a bit of thought, and even study to. Because I’ve seen one small wave and a little second ripple of involvement in ETIP, I’m always seeking out ways to motivate faculty (in my case college) to increase their use and integration of technology – both personally and in the classroom.

I’ve been thinking through the preparation for my undergrad class in the Fall … I want those pre-service teachers to leave my class with a well-rounded idea of the issues in secondary education AND how they can make good decisions about the technology they use with their future students. So, this is their first level of professional development.

I have already arranged to Skype in 3 speakers – names to be disclosed later – who will share their passions for students and their quality of education. I will be asking much of these young women and men who will be setting the education stage for their students. There is so much to teach them, so much to share, and so much to be responsible for … I don’t take any of this lightly. Hopefully, they won’t either.


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