What I’ll be Drinking in at NECC

David Warlick, in his blog post from last week, asks some good questions that are helping me spend my time wisely at NECC. Why are you going? What do you hope to learn at NECC? What’s important to us as educators? What are the conversations we all need to be ready for?

I love to learn new stuff … I love to get overwhelmed by information overload and then sort through it slowly. This will be my first time at NECC and I’m hoping that it will live up to what my friends and colleagues have said about it. Here are my other goals for the conference

My first priority is to make connections – I want f2f meet-ups with my online friends: Jennifer Wagner, Cheryl Oakes, Sharon Peters, and Vicki Davis are on the top of my list.

I want to hear the “experts” opinions on some questions that I have: David Warlick, Julie Lyndsey, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Wes Fryer, and more. I will be one of the hoard of iPod interviewers trying to button-hole people and record their brief comments.

Last, I want to hear some new ways to use what are now the old tools. I’m not sure if I want to learn any more new tools right now … I’m still trying to search my activities and assessments to see which tools will enhance those experiences for my students.

I will be blogging throughout my time in Atlanta, so come visit and comment on my experiences and conversations.

I look forward to seeing you at NECC – come up and say “Hi” – I’ll be the one with the faraway look and my ear hooked into an iPod with a Belkin recorder attached to the bottom.


2 thoughts on “What I’ll be Drinking in at NECC

  1. Dr. T, I have to admit that I had to re-read your blog entry title a few times before I determined it DIDN’T read, “What I will be drinking at NECC”.

    I love going to conferences, especially when it’s cold in the midwest and the conference is being held somewhere warm and sunny. But, even more important is the experience of being immersed in a super-charged content-driven professional environment where everyone will benefit, even if it’s just to be inspired to go home and get started on or finish a project you already started. I haven’t been to NECC but I’ve heard it’s great. Oh, and Pitty Pat’s Porch is great, too, if you will be downtown Atlanta!

  2. Patrice,

    I had to go back and change the title to “Drinking in …” Because it just didn’t sound right the first way. 🙂

    The immersion is what I’m looking forward to – I’m really trying to get ready with some intelligent questions for my interviewees. I want to be able to share some of the bleeding edge thoughts and approaches that I’ll find at NECC.

    I will be posting my reflections on the sessions that I attend – starting with the Edubloggercon. This might just be worth the whole visit as it’s a gathering of most of the folks whose blogs I read. Very cool! Check out the site: http://edubloggercon.wikispaces.com/

    By the way, I’ll be drinking diet green tea and water.

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