I want you to meet Charlie

Yes, I have someone I want you to meet: Charlie.


So go to http://www.slideshare.net/slgavin/meet-charlie-what-is-enterprise20 and then come back.

Ok, now I’m trusting that you’ve really met Charlie … you haven’t, you just want to see what else I’m going to say. No, come on, click on the link and come back.

What did you think? What terms were new for you? Let me fill in some of the blanks.

Blogs – topic-specific postings that are entered chronologically, but read in reverse chronology. Most blogs allow for comments – so this is very useful for conversations, reflection, analysis, etc. You’re reading my blog, but if you scroll down and look on the left for my Blogroll, you’ll find links to other blogs. If you want more info about blogs and how to set them up, go to http://coe.ilstu.edu/etip/activities/blogs.shtml.

RSS – now most people refer to this as really simple syndication, but I’m going to say really simple subscription … that just makes more sense to me. Just like walking out your front door in the morning and picking up your newspaper, RSS brings the newest posts on the blogs you’re interested right into your computer. For a little more info, go to http://coe.ilstu.edu/etip/resources/ and click on Learning the RSS Way in the 3rd paragraph. I use Bloglines to aggregate my blogs – you can see my listings at http://www.bloglines.com/public/drctedd. So go open a Bloglines account and start subscribing to your favorite blogs.

Alright, now you’ve got your own blog, you’ve got a way to subscribe to other folks’ blogs, what else can you do that Charlie does.

One of my favorite web-based tools is social bookmarks. Last year I had my students compile a webliography – a list of websites on the topic of our class. This year I had them put their websites into Delicious – http://del.icio.us. Not only do they have access to them from any computer with Internet, we create our own network and peek in on other folks’ favorites. Speaking of favorites, you know how you have all your favorites/bookmarks on one computer, but when you go to work or home to another computer you don’t have access … well, by using Delicious you can access them anywhere. Very cool! Go to http://coe.ilstu.edu/etip/activities/webbased_apps.shtml and scroll down until you see Bookmarking; there you will find several resources. Also, here’s my Delicious account; take a look at my sites and also at those I’m networked to: http://del.icio.us/drctedd.

That’s enough for today, I’ll hit on more later. Now some of the applications that Charlie uses have a business orientation. The point is, though that we need to be preparing our students for Charlie’s world. It’s not hard to do at all. In fact it’s easy to join Web 2.0 and become connected … globally.

6 thoughts on “I want you to meet Charlie

  1. I was surprised to learn how various technology can be used in the business world. When I think of blogs I usually think of just the social aspects of blogging. I am a teacher, and it is odd to think of people in the business world using blogs and wikis on a daily basis. It is a little out of my realm right now.

  2. Karen,

    They actually started using these tools before educators … well, for the most part. I think we need to start looking what they’re doing so we get our students ready.

  3. Dr. T,
    Do you use the Fox Fire mentioned in the link you provided for Charlie? I had not heard of Fox Fire before. It said it was a free down load but, I wondered what the benefits of using I might be.

  4. Karla,

    I do use FireFox – I really like it. I have many add-ons that provide shortcuts and tools that help me make my online time smooth. The best characteristic is the lack of pop-ups. Since switching a couple of years ago, I’ve only had a couple of pop-ups. Nothing like before with the other browser.

    Go to firefox.com and download the free browser. Then you can go back look at some of the add-ons – I can spend hours doing that :-).

  5. Amazing world we work in today. I was looking at a job possibility in Denver, but relocation was necessary. I can’t wait until the progressive use of Web 2.0 becomes the standard rather than the exception.

    I read somewhere that wikis were used early on in the world of scientific research. Watching Charlie’s helped me crystalilze an image of scientists from all over the world uniting in a single space, merging their thoughts and empirical data.

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