Atlanta will never be the same

After 11 hours in the car, we arrived at our hotel – ready to take a nap. So we unpacked, checked email and courses, and checked out the area. We found a health food store and restaurant – something we both miss since we left California. We had done our homework and found a local gym that had Body Pump and spin class … so before we got into the computers too much, off we went to spin – being on the bike for an hour was invigorating.

Today was the dry run. We’re staying in Decatur, so we have to drive to the train station and hop on MARTA – total travel time is about 20 minutes. We rode down to the conference center, which is in Atlanta’s Olympic Park. Also down there is the Coke exhibit – it was very good … even though I don’t drink a lot of Coke. 🙂

So tomorrow is the Edubloggercon. This is a pre-conference, actually an un-conference. A gathering of educational bloggers with common interests and my first chance to meet some of my new friends f2f. So, stay tuned as the fun is about to begin.


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