My Notes from Expanding the Circle


Here are a few unorganized notes – from the first Edubloggercon break out session: Expanding the Circle

Web 2.0 is transformative – engagement has increased

Need to teach teachers how to use the tools before they can use it with their students. How do we help them get into it? Do we need to? Addresss all the negative things, then talk about the basics, then increase the depth of the tool. Push the focus of teacher-as-learner. Teach school districts and teachers to trust the tools.

Educators seeing web 2.0 as any other add-on technology. We must be showing them how this is the new way to handle information.

Show what’s out there and get them excited about it – that will be motivating.

A picture is worth a 1000 words – metaphor is worth a 1000 pictures

Role model bravery … go to the heart first “our kids need this”

Writer’s Project models – much of the same issues with writing integration as with tech integration; use their approaches to get teachers blogging

Change must be top-down and bottom-up: administrators? school board? the kids? the teachers?

Lifelong learning, reflexive writing – web 2.0 applications are easy, but teachers must buy into the same paradigms, not just push them on the kids


  • Many audiences and their levels of buy in differ – students, teachers, administrators, parents, community
    • Find the hook that pulls those audiences into using Web2.0 tools
  • Creating transferences to already existing practices
  • Modeling
    • 1-to-1
  • Resource site to view good practices
  • Social networking as introduction
  • Leading organizational promotion – e.g., ISTE says it’s good, so it’s good

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