Mobile, Digital, Ubiquitous: Solutions for Learning with Handhelds

I saw Julie Lindsay’s name and had to go to this one. I’ve made the decision to focus on what our international colleagues are doing with technology. I’ve seen and heard most of what Americans are saying … more importantly, I’m taking up the charge to become more global.

So, here are my notes from this session:

Learning technologies that are devices – but learning is the point, it doesn’t’ matter what the device is, it’s all about their learning

Students always have the gadgets on them all the time “hanging off them” Julie


Convergence – you only need 1 gadget instead of 3
Adaptability – functionality to situation
Acceptable use – can they use them to take pictures of teachers and put them on MySpace? Play games during class?
Learning using technology
Living with technology – does their learning stop when they live school?

Thing in my pocket – on YouTube

***Learning while mobile
the learner is mobile, so their information follows them
make learning personal and universally accessible

“device agnostic” – any peripheral … emphasis should be on the learning

While the project examples were K-12, there is much to ponder here regarding the underlying processes.

Question: We already know what we’re doing to that results in them check their “real” lives at the door to their classroom. What are we doing to help our students take their “real” lives into the classroom?


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