David Warlick … nothing left to say, he said it all

David Warlick is my blogging and education hero – he sets such a good example:

  1. He’s a gentleman; a really nice guy even though he doesn’t have to be. He’s popular enough to be a jerk and folks would still bring him in to talk … he’s not even close to being a jerk … a true Southern gentleman.
  2. He continues to embellish the story, keeping it always new and very relevant

Thank you David and keep up the great teaching!

Here are my notes from his session:

How the old is changing

The Old The New
Reading Exposing
Arithmetic Employing
Writing Expressing

Students need to know the ethics of information

  • we’ve moved from being able to trust everything in print to having to be critical consumers

Stop focusing on technology integration

  • gain an accurate understanding of literacy
  • this will result in the integration of literacy and the focus on literacy instead of the technology
  • the technology will follow because we need to use those tools to navigate the information landscape

2 things we know

  • we are preparing our children for an unpredictable future
    • we must teach them how to teach themselves
  • the nature of information has changed
    • we have to expand notions of literacy

    → Contemporary Literacy must be learning literacy

The real, and least realized, digital divide

  • exists between those who are connected and those who are alone
  • connection produces power; lack of connection results in powerlessness

Do we realize that our students are connected until they walk into our classrooms?

The most important point for me

We are the problem if we want our students to be the type of students we want to teach

This inhibits them from being who they really are, and more importantly, who they need to be in order to be successful in life.

Teach information arts skills – help them build things in the information environment

My last thoughts

Wait a few days until the videocast is loaded, then visit the site and listen to David yourself: http://tinyurl.com/2ydrwv

2 thoughts on “David Warlick … nothing left to say, he said it all

  1. I appreciate what you are reporting and really appreciating the concept of “build it and they will come”–build literacy and technology will naturally follow. I consider myself to be quite literate and it is in that literacy and love of learning that I extend myself into the world of technology…to communicate and connect, to collaborate and collect, to correlate and reflect, to conceptualize and construct, to compound and sometimes, confound.

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