Connection is not enough

Dr. Tim Tyson from Mabry Middle School said it, we need to be doing more than just connecting … we need to be contributing. So the mantra continues … collect, connect, collaborate, contribute … I’ll be thinking through this one for a while.

My memento from NECC will help me:

Bloggers’ Cafe sign

It’s true, I snagged it – I did tell the ISTE folks … while I was talking to them a couple of other people walked by with their souvenirs. I’m planning on putting it above my office door until the next IL-TCE conference. I’ve talked with Vinnie Vrotny and we’re going to put together an edubloggercon in St. Charles. Exciting stuff happens when like-minded people have some time together (rl, vl, or sl).

So all that to say that by connecting with other bloggers in Illinois we’ll be able to collaborate on and contribute to the knowledge and experiences of others around the world.

3 thoughts on “Connection is not enough

  1. Hey! You need to do a webcast! Call it “Bloggers Cafe” (after all, there is that sign….) and invite the same folks who would gather at the Cafe everyday to discuss the same things! Could be a biweekly or a monthly show!! I’ll attend!!

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