Podcasting on Podcasts

One of the assignments I’ve had my students complete for years is critiquing professional products: articles, books, etc. I’ve expanded that in the past couple of years to include podcasts and webcasts. This term, however, I’ve added their production to the mix. They have the choice (at least for now) to complete their critique as a podcast. We’re using Gcast for now, but may move to one of the other online tools.


As I just heard my student say, “We must show clear educational purposes for the technology we are using … focus on the course objectives” then choose the technology (Justin). He was reviewing Wesly Fryer’s podcast #158 on Digitally Informed Leadership for the 21st Century. My purposes are two-fold: 1) Expose my students to the current thoughts and research in Educational Technology; 2) Get them using the technology.

It’s fun to see the growth.


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