My New Office

My Naples Office

Here’s the 5th Avenue Coffee Company where we’ve set up shop while we’re in Naples. It’s really nice: quiet, wifi, and power – what else is there?

I just finished grading my Distance Learning students’ work. They were required to create their own online course and some of them really went to town. About 5 of the 18 students will actually be teaching the courses they built during the past 6 weeks. It’s been a real learning experience for them – they’ve been forced to step out of the student shoes and into the teacher shoes … with a little prodding on my part.

The most realistic teachable moment came when our course management system (CMS) crashed … no availability for almost a week. I already had them working in a wiki, so I transferred the whole course over there … It really made me think: do I need to use a CMS? My answer is yes and for good reasons: organization, centralized information, flexible tools, and my least favorite – a gradebook. I really don’t like grades, but I do realize how motivational they are for some students … ah, but that’s another post.

The Toledo’s at work:

Toledo’s at work


2 thoughts on “My New Office

  1. What made the course work after the system crashed was your flexibility as an instructor. If you weren’t willing to be flexible with us your students then it could have become a very hairy situation. Thanks again! I like the photo of the on the road office. Karla

  2. Hey Karla,

    You can’t be an effective teacher without several things:

    1. flexibility – be ready to roll with the unpredictability of teaching

    2. lifelong learning – realizing that I don’t know it all frees me up to include my students in the process … we’re in it together and all of us have something to contribute

    3. relax and enjoy – not that this is always on my top 10, but I’m trying to not freak out when things don’t go exactly the way I want them to

    As I said not too long ago, teachers at all levels need to be more like PK-3 teachers.

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