New Bloggers Cafe

After traveling about 1500 miles, the Bloggers Cafe sign is safely hanging in my office at ISU.

Bloggers' Cafe sign

It’s not just a sign that I snagged (with permission) from NECC – it will serve as a reminder of my commitment to think … that’s right, not a commitment to blog, but to think.

During my counseling days – I spent about 7 years as a marriage, family, and child (MFCC) counselor in the 90’s – I had a supervisor who would say to us, “Now, let’s spend some time thinking about …” and she would assume the Thinker’s pose. Her approach was to focus on thinking, rather than just waiting for an idea to emerge out of the chaos of life.

So now, when I come into the office, I have a visual reminder to sit and think – to be intentional, rather than reactive. Only then will I really have something worth writing that is worthy of your time.


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