Mindless games

I was going through my bookmarks today and ran across a site I haven’t visited for a long time: Orisinal.


The author has developed a whole boatload of games that take very little skill … or thought. Sometimes when I need to get away … mentally … I like being able to play


Bottom of the Sea or Silent Water.


One of my favorites is These Little Pigs. The music is one of the songs played at our wedding. That’s one thing I noticed upon return to the site … the music is very relaxing. Also, several new games have been added.


One of the most serene games is the newest on the page, The Crossing. Your job is to move the horizontal bridge back and forth to help the deer jump over the river in the forest. Sweet music and very relaxing … until you let one of the deer fall into the abyss.

I’ve used it to show my Instructional Technology Design students what can be done with Flash and lots of time. Check out the site sometime.


3 thoughts on “Mindless games

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  2. Christy,

    You’re way beyond me, trying to figure out the purpose of these games. Like I said, I don’t want to think sometimes, just veg – the lack of purpose helps that 🙂

  3. I LOVE ORISINAL — and so did my students.

    Bumble Bees is my ultimate favorite — just love the soothing music…..but I got kinda good on the UFO game.

    Thanks for reminding me of this site…….off to help the deer!!


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