Fun is on the way …

Well, Wednesday is my first meeting with my undergrad secondary issues class. I’m excited at all the possibilities and how they are going to embrace the Web 2.0 activities I’ve constructed. Here’s a glimpse at some of the technology-enriched engagements where students will:

  1. take 2 surveys: one to determine teaching style, one to determine learning style – write a paragraph about each, then write a paragraph about how these styles will impact their teaching; last, record the findings as a podcast on Gcast.
  2. participate in f2f discussions with guest speakers who will be Skyped in from all over the world – if you would like to be a guest speaker, leave me a comment with contact info.
  3. work in groups to put together a digital story on one of the issues we discussed in class; design an accompanying engaged activity
  4. use to compile an annotated bibliography of standards and professional organizations
  5. create a digital story of your teaching philosophy
  6. comment on teachers’ blogs, then record those comments on your blog in our class blog portal at 21classes

All of these assignments have been a part of this course since I started teaching it in 2002 – they are now immersed in the river of technologies pushing them into different pedagogies – no stand and deliver in my classes.


I am wondering how much these engagements will impact these preservice teachers’ future teaching … hey, maybe that would be a good follow-up study … I’m thinking, I’m thinking …


2 thoughts on “Fun is on the way …

  1. Cheri-
    What a great list…
    This may already be on your things to do with but it would be great with delicious to have them exchange user names and create a network AND have them subscribe via RSS to tags related to their topics…If you are looking for guests, I would LOVE to connect with your students–I am a technology integration mentor, working with practicing teachers to infuse some of these same things into their teaching and it is difficult when they have never been exposed to these tools I actually got the job I have now by bringing a digital story I created with my philosophy to my interview on my ipod 😉

  2. Thanks Kristin,

    Those are great additions. After seeing the deer in the headlights looks on 30 faces yesterday, it will be interesting to watch them progress through the semester.

    I’d love to have you Skype into class – what are you doing next Wednesday sometime between 10:00-11:00am central?

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