Creativity … going down?

One of my Twitter friends Janetta Garton pointed us to Tony Buzan’s video on creativity and learning. He really calls us to flip the way our education system directs teaching: teach how to learn first, what to learn next. We’ve got it backwards. Buzan focuses on the development of creativity as a natural process.

Here’s the video – take a listen and we’ll get back to it later in the week:


One thought on “Creativity … going down?

  1. The Tony Buzon video made me think of the famous Beatrix Potter quote, “Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.” The linking of creativity to how the brain develops adds validity to the idea that we should teach students how to learn before we teach content. I think good teachers instinctively arrange the teaching of content in such a way as to at least allow for creativity. But is this something that can be taught?

    The questions this video raised for me include, how do we prepare teachers to foster the creative nature of their pupils? Would creativity have to be measured and is that even possible? Is the paradigm shift of teaching how to learn before teaching content too big to maneuver? Where should we start?

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