The Wonder of Almost-Teachers


I recently was given podcast gifts from my undergraduate/preservice teachers – those students who are completing their coursework leading to a teaching certificate. I’m calling them gifts because it was so special to hear what they are planning on doing in their classrooms.

The assignment was to complete a teaching styles survey (see and a learning styles survey (see They reported on the results and then shared how each impacted the other and, most important, how their future students will be affected.

Many were able to see that they needed to think through how they teach – they were no longer satisfied with teaching as they learn. They could see the need for a variety of teaching approaches to meet students’ needs. Very cool results.

The fun part for me was being able to listen to their voices. They had to upload their script, but also had to create a podcast. We used Gcast because it is so easy – most of them used their cell phones to create their podcasts.

If you are one of my students, reading this, and you’d like to share your podcast – enter the URL and your first name as a comment.

If you would like to try this exercise, click on the URL’s above and reflect on the results – leave a comment telling your results.


One thought on “The Wonder of Almost-Teachers

  1. Title of Post: The Wonder of Almost-Teachers

    My response: This sounds like a great activity to have pre-service teachers complete. It was wonderful that they go to learn how to do podcasts, which they can use with their future students. I think it’s also important to provide assignments and activities for pre-service teachers that allow them to explore who they are and what kind of teacher they will become or want to be. I wish that my pre-service work included activities like this. I think many times we spent too much time on writing lesson plans, and not enough time doing self-searching and evaluating activates-which are so important when you are a teacher.

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