Techie Grandkids

Last spring I had close to 20 doc students in my Ed Tech class. We had a blast looking at the issues and trying out all kinds of new technologies. Well, right now I’m sitting in the World Bridges Ed Tech Talk site watching two of the students from that class run a webcast.

One has taken wikis by storm – she’s giving workshops and lectures all over the state on how to use wikis in the K-12 classroom. The other just finished the Webcast Academy and has her own webcast. Now they have taken their new knowledge and skills and shared it with their current classmates … only a couple of which were in my class last year.

So that means I a techie grandparent … that is so cool!!! Way to go Julie and Dea!!

Side note: they even invited Vicki Davis, one of the Women of Web 2.0, into the webcast. Another introduction that was made last spring. Several members of that class particpated in one of the WOW2.0’s webcasts.


2 thoughts on “Techie Grandkids

  1. Thanks for blogging about us, Cheri. And a bigger thanks for getting Julie and I tuned into what technology can offer for teachers and for students. I see those roles as fundamentally interchangeable…in a constant state of flux…as we move between learner and learned…but never for long. This is so much fun….

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