The Divergence of Canadian and U.S. Values


Dave Pollard blogged about Michael Adams’ book, Fire & Ice: The US, Canada and the Myth of Converging Values. I have been thinking about some of the differences between Canadians and U.S. Americans. I installed a widget for 940AM all news station out of Montréal just to get some insight into what issues Canadians talk about. I’m hoping to make a visit in the spring to work on an article with Sharon Peters (of WOW2.0 fame).

Included in Pollard’s post is the link to the Fire and Ice survey. He provides a clear visual of the 4 quadrants and one showing the trends between 1992 and 2000. So, where do you fall? Of course I took this and here are my results:


I’m a Closet Canadian – you can see my green dot in the lower right quadrant. Phew, maybe I can blend in with the locals in Montréal. I just hope no one speaks to me in French … I’ll probably answer in Spanish.

I plan on adding this to the battery of surveys that I have my undergraduates take in preparation for discussing multiculturalism. As we U.S. Americans become more isolated, it is imperative that we take a look at ourselves in comparison with other countries and cultures.


One thought on “The Divergence of Canadian and U.S. Values

  1. Hi Cheri, Looking forward to your visit to Montréal. Having lived in five provinces (!) in my adult life, I can tell you that there are as many different views as there are regions in Canada. Québec possibly contains the most widely diverse sets of political opinions because of our hugely diverse demographic population. It is a fascinating place to live! In spite of so many ethnic representations, or perhaps because of it, I have found Montrealers to be the most tolerant of any place I have lived or visited. I hope you will enjoy your visit with us! Just about everyone speaks English, so you will not have a problem!

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