Moving on

Last night we finalized the deal on a new car … a Prius.


We thought long and hard – did our homework by looking at cost out of pocket, cost savings over time, lease vs. buy. We consulted family and friends – one friend is a former car dealer. Then we shopped around. We pick it up shiney and new tomorrow and turn in the 2004 Saturn Vue that we were still paying for, but still worked.

Here are the questions:

Why don’t I go through the same process when I’m choosing technology to integrate into my courses? I think part of it is because there aren’t many places to research what’s been done with the new Web 2.0 tools. Also, I’m adventurous and like trying new tools.

What does that mean for my students? Hopefully, it shows them that it’s ok to explore and be creative and … hmmm … that’s a good lesson for them to learn. This next semester (which starts on Monday) I will once again have a class at each level: undergrad, masters, and doctoral. They will be using some common tools – we’ll see how they feel about being adventurous.

By the way, we’re looking forward to ~50 mpg on our trip to Pittsburgh and the East Coast this summer. And to warm my husband’s heart, it’s got a great stereo system with a iPod port.


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