IL-TCE 2008 … new types of goals

The whirlwind has slowed to a small tornado. Both of my presentations are finished and now I get to sit back and relax. Well, almost. I’m guiding the backchanelling for Vicki Davis’ Differentiated Learning.


What am I looking for? I have a good repertoire of tools and understand how to choose the right tool for my assignments – so that’s not it. I’m not focusing on professional development – I’m sure I will learn much, but that’s not my focus. What I am doing is thinking through possible topics for research. Allowing speakers and conversations to spark my interests and help me creatively assess the research landscape.

Goal for IL-TCE 2008: leave with at least one research study idea that I will write up and submit to IRB for approval.


2 thoughts on “IL-TCE 2008 … new types of goals

  1. You are a busy one! I came across Vicki’s Differentiated SlideShare, probably on the very days you two were at Pheasant Run! I am curous about “backchanneling.” That is a new term for me.

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