… but I’m an only child … TweetWheel

I really am … I know, some of you already figured that out … you’ve witnessed the temper tantrums. I knew that my Twitter network kept me connected to many, many like-minded educators, but I never stopped to think what the connections looked like – very cool visual representation of our Six Degrees of Separation.

My Twitter Network

Each of the lines is formed by the connections that each person has through Twitter. When you scroll over a person’s picture/name you can see her/his connections.

Try it yourself. Go to http://www.tweetwheel.com/ and add your Twitter profile name after the slash. Give it time to load and you’ll be amazed also.

Even us only kids have connections … and I like it … and we do know how to play well with others.


2 thoughts on “… but I’m an only child … TweetWheel

  1. Ooh, fun city, gonna go do this right now and then add the link to my list of Twitter info visualization tools… isn’t this a cool time to be alive and connected to the web?

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