C&I 401 – Week 2: Delicious & Diigo

Hello again to my ISU 401 students. As promised, I’m going to introduce Delicious and Diigo – they are now best friends and quite closely linked.

Here is a great short video on how Delicious and other social bookmarking sites work:

You can start your own Delicious site and start saving websites (and tagging them). You can also transfer your Favorites/Bookmarks into your Delicious account. That means that you can get to your saved sites from any computer, anytime, anywhere. You can even put a Delicious link on your toolbar – especially since you are using Firefox (hint, hint).

Another tool to help save websites is Diigo. What I like about Diigo is all the functions it offers. For instance, if I see a site I’d like to send to you I can highlight portions and even add a note (like a Post-it), then I can email it to you. Very cool. I also like the social networking tools – you can create groups and then leave messages for one another. It’s much like Facebook or MySpace interactivity. By the way, if you have a Delicious account, then you can set Diigo up to send all your newly saved sites to Delicious – they work well together.

Here’s the Diigo video:

Have fun with these tools – they will multiply your time and energy.


5 thoughts on “C&I 401 – Week 2: Delicious & Diigo

  1. Hi Maggie, I lost this post. The links to the YouTube videos offer students and teachers a good “how to.”

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