Joyce Valenza and the Super Heroes at BLC

Joyce Valenza just posted her man/woman-on-the-street … actually at the Building Learning Communities conference … interviews. She asked folks “Which super power would be most useful in your classroom?”

Here’s the video:

I noticed a few themes – here are some of my thoughts – add yours too.

There was an overall dominance by the idea of empowerment and independent learning. Eight of the twenty who Joyce recorded referred in some way to students, teachers, and/or administrators being able teach themselves.

Several responders talked in terms of being many places at the same time – cloning even came up. In that light, some talked about the need for more time – too much to do and learn and share.

Last, there were references to courage and bravery. Teachers and students who will take the challenge and move past their fears can learn so much more.

All of these ideas fit together – all of them contribute to the development of learning environments where students are given opportunities for creative expression and the development of skills to help them become independent learners.

Thanks Joyce, this was fun to see and hear. Empowering our students, colleagues, and administrators by sharing our knowledge of 21st Century skills and learning environments results in more and more Super Heroes. Share the power!


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