7 Things You Did Not Know About Me

I’ve been tagged by Sharon Peters to add to the network’s meme. It’s always fun to try to think back on things that aren’t too embarrassing. Here goes:

  1. In high school is was a Girl Scout – a member of the Mariner Scout Ship (MSS) Morning Star. All year long we would raise money and then in June we would use it for cruise. 20-25 of us, with 15-20 guitars would rent a 65′ yawl (the Desireé) and sail around Catalina and the Channel Islands in Southern California for 5 days. My guitar playing and song leading days also included a summer as a camp counselor at the White’s Landing Girl Scout camp and over 5 years in the same role for Athletes-in-Action, FCA and Young Life.
  2. In 9th grade I was voted as “Most Witty”.
  3. One summer I worked in the Market House on Main Street at Disneyland – Did you know that the gold on the merry-go-round horses is real? And that they have fans in the candy store walls that push the smell of the cooking candy out onto Main Street?
  4. Every summer as a kid I visited family in Pacific Grove, CA. My cousin John and I talked the owner of the glass bottom boats into letting us work for rides on those boats.
  5. I absolutely love cookies … I could eat them every day … all day – of course I’d have to work out even more than I already do if I ate as many as I wanted.
  6. I never knew I was claustrophobic until they started sliding me into an MRI tube … “Get me out … get me out!” The “open” MRI isn’t much better … being put out is best.
  7. After many, many years of driving on Southern California freeways and having numerous near-misses, I am a strong believer in angels – it really is a Wonderful Life.

Here are 7 others who I’ve tagged:

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Liz Kolb
Darci Harland
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Karen Janowski
Sharon Betts


Happy New Year!!


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