Who do you learn from?

Yesterday I was Google Chatting with Vicki Davis. Vicki was in North Carolina at the NCTIES conference and I am here in Normal – another one of those PLN phenomenas … we are not limited by space or time. It’s so great.

Vicki shared the Suffern Middle School video, No Future Left Behind. Take a look:

We have a very full schedule in tonight’s class, but I’m going to show this to my doc students. What these middle schoolers have to say is so powerful that I am also going to share it with my colleagues in the College of Education.

These NetGen students are challenging educators to make shifts in their teaching paradigms. They have a lot to teach us and we need to give them opportunities to do just that.

What is your response?


One thought on “Who do you learn from?

  1. An excellent video…these are middle school Students and look what they know and think. I agree that they need the tools to succeed, and in this video we see that they are asking to be enabled to use them.

    They are striving to be adults, yet they are still children.
    As educators we need to understand that they are still young minds and we are the ones who influence them.

    Helping them succeed is an awesome responsibility that we have.


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