Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Ever wonder what your learning preferences are? Most educators are fairly familiar with Howard Gardner‘s Multiple Intelligence theory as it’s been around since the early 1980’s. In many of my courses students complete a personal inventory of both their teaching and learning styles – then they compare the results and reflect on the impact their preferences will have on their students.

I just ran across this short quiz that provides an excellent report. First click on this link: Birmingham Grid For Learning. You’ll see this page:


Next you’ll see this page:


Choose the descriptor that best fits you. When you’ve completed the quiz you’ll get a results page that you can print out. Here’s mine:


You can see by my results, the reason I use Jing all the time is that visual/spacial is my highest.

Like any self-report survey, you’ll need to take it with a grain of salt. You can easily change the results by answering questions in relationship to your differing roles. When I think in terms of my teaching roles my answers will trend one way; it I answer while thinking of myself on vacation they might trend another; and if I think of myself in a student role they could trend another way. So if you decide to take the quiz, work at situating yourself in the same role throughout … it will give you a more accurate picture of your styles in those situations.



2 thoughts on “Multiple Intelligence Quiz

  1. Thanks for this link Cheri.
    I have been using a spreadsheet version of the Multiple Intelligence quiz with my classes but I think this one is much more visually attractive!
    Going to try it out next term šŸ™‚

  2. That’s great Patricia – I use several tools with my students in order for them to compare and contrast their teaching and learning styles. It’s quite a powerful assignment for many of them.

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