Digitally Distinct

I’m in the midst of listening to a Panel Podcast from the 2008 Women Who Tech Telesummit. Registration is open for the 2nd Annual Telesummit which takes place May 12. While it is essentially aimed at women in the business world, there is much that can be applied to those of us in education.

The podcast I’m listening to is Tooting Your Own Horn. Interesting that I ran across this after an engaging conversation on Friday with Meg Ormiston and Lucy Gray on the same topic. Many of us gathered after the Midwest Tech Forum in Schaumburg, IL to celebrate Jennifer Wagner‘s birthday. Tech Forum was an exceptional opportunity to meet with others in my network and experience the support of other like-minded change agents. Many have poo-pooed the idea of keeping ourselves tuned only to those who agree with us, but there is a need to be re-energized sometimes by others who are thinking along the same lines and going through similar experiences of leading systemic change.

Anyway … back to the podcast. As Lucy, Meg, and I discussed, it’s difficult for many women to toot their own horn – present party included. It seems that we don’t like the idea of being ego driven … although we are … in ways that are paralleled with non-feminine behaviors.

The panelists provide some excellent ideas for branding, including the Online ID Calculator. Once you figure out your online identity strength you can make some changes in order to build your brand. It’s ok to make a name for yourself in the sense that you become known for your expertise and your willingness to help others by giving back.

I’ve embedded the widget showing my results from the Online ID Calculator – it helps to have a very unique name. What is your Online ID strength?


4 thoughts on “Digitally Distinct

  1. You have done a good job of linking those ideas! This was a great conversation, I can’t wait to listen to the podcast and calculate my online identity. We need to keep this conversation going. Meg

  2. The graph is very interesting on the online calculator. Everyone should do this. Where do you feel most of our classroom teachers are?

    I can’t past the graph here in the post, I will send it to you through Skype. Can’t wait to Twitter about this one!

  3. Sorry three posts in a row, should have waited and sent they all together. Interesting only one of the 100 were not me, it must bring into account that I only had 3,400 hits. I bet the more “hits” push you to the top right. This is really an interesting way to reflect on my online profile. Thanks for the post!

  4. Loving a self-survey, I ran my digits directly to the online digital calculator but frankly, was suprised in my rating. Results: I am a “Digital Dabbler.” The surprise: suggestions were to get a LinkedIn profile, start a blog, and create a website. Humph…I have all three!

    I did have only 297 hits on my name–so I guess that’s dabbling. I couldn’t find any negative ones on the first 5 pages and then I quit looking, didn’t really want to find one!

    Do I sound as though I’m equivocating? I don’t know whether I’ll put the “OnLine ID Calculator’ icon on my blog, but I did learn something…my website does not come up on the first page, so I need to update my Key Words there!!

    Thanks Cheri!

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