Washington –> NYC

I keep hearing that Pace Picante Sauce commercial, “New York City?” Yup, we’ve just spent the last 5 days here. Our hotel is near Battery Park and so we ventured out to the Hudson River on the 4th to watch the Macy’s fireworks. Before Macy’s started we watched the Jersey City fireworks which when on for 40 minutes. I probably took 300 pictures of fireworks, the harbor, the lights and the people. It was a beautiful night and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many NY natives.

We’ve sojourned through the subways system … even riding under the East River to Brooklyn. Yes, it’s true, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. The 1.2 miles was filled with walkers, cyclists, joggers, baby strollers, and lots of beautiful sites.

Yesterday we spent several hours at the Guggenheim Museum working our way down from the top through all the exhibits of Frank Lloyd Wright. He was an amazing architectural artist. It was amazing to hear him talk about designing something besides the box. I will be using some of his interviews in my Emerging Educational Technologies course in the fall.

The best surprise was the friendliness of the New Yorkers – they were awesome – helping us figure out the subways, finding bus stops for us, and even good places to eat.

Now we’re off to Boston. It’s been a great trip so far – an excellent addition to my time at NECC in Washington, DC. Go to the link and see the variety of presentations that are accessible.


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